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About the British Transport Police Authority
Please note that this is not the website for the British Transport Police. If you want to contact the British Transport Police, please phone 0207 830 8800 or click here. For British Transport Police Force Headquarters please call 020 7388 7541. Alternatively if you are looking specificaly for the British Transport Police Authority website please click here They are contactable on 020 7383 0259

The British transport police are the force that is specifically set up to deal with the security issues of the rail operators. The British transport police are responsible for the protection and policing the service that ensures the safe travel of more than five million passengers. Many people are not aware of the challenges of ensuring this important task is carried out smoothly. While the operations of the British Transport Police have a lot in common with the Metropolitan police service, on a daily basis the tasks and duties that they have to carry out are indeed different.

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Private Security Companies on Trams

Interestingly enough it would be assumed that the British Transport Police would be operational with the tram travel, however private security companies provide their security personnel to ensure the safe travel of the general public on trams. It is not yet clear whether or not private security companies will at some stage be required to carry out some duties on the trams. However it seems clear the training of the British Transport police is far more superior that that of private security companies, in the last few years with the avent of the Security Industry Authority, security companies have been forced to increase the security of all of their opearation and the SIA has done a formidable job of increasing the quality of security guards curr...

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Scrap Metal Theft Problem

As the price of scrap metal increases, theft of any kind of scrap metal is becoming more popular. Sadly the thieves have no conscience of the who they steal from, public schools are having copper stolen from the roof, private car owners are experiencing theft of their catalytic converters, construction sites are being broken into and scrap metal stolen, even metal recycling companies are experience record numbers of theft. While the solution to scrap metal theft maybe easier for some industries to deal with for example a building company that is working on a construction site, would only be vulnerable to theft at a certain point of their construction activities. When this occurs a guard dog security company company is able to supply various solutions to deal with the issues. In the case of a public school the solution isnt always that simple, for example it is unlikely that a public school will be able to afford 24 hour an seven days a week a securi...

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