Scrap Metal Theft Problem

As the price of scrap metal increases, theft of any kind of scrap metal is becoming more popular. Sadly the thieves have no conscience of the who they steal from, public schools are having copper stolen from the roof, private car owners are experiencing theft of their catalytic converters, construction sites are being broken into and scrap metal stolen, even metal recycling companies are experience record numbers of theft. While the solution to scrap metal theft maybe easier for some industries to deal with for example a building company that is working on a construction site, would only be vulnerable to theft at a certain point of their construction activities. When this occurs a guard dog security company company is able to supply various solutions to deal with the issues. In the case of a public school the solution isnt always that simple, for example it is unlikely that a public school will be able to afford 24 hour an seven days a week a security guard dog to patrol their school outside of term time in this case monitored cctv maybe a more viable solution. Scrap metal theft is a problem that especially in times of recession is an increasing problem but fortunately they are many viable solutions.